Microantennas and Plasmatransistors operating in the Terahertz region

Patented Hungarian invention

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The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office granted the Hungarian patent describing the silicon based Microantennas and the plasmatransistors which can be fabricated in economical mass production. The specialty of these antenna geometries and circuits are that their sensitivity is extremely high, moreover their bandwidth is tunable. The inventor, Dr Péter Földesy, a research advisor at SZTAKI has defended his academic doctoral thesis in this topic last year.

The special feature of the THz region is that its wavelength is close to a millimeter, and it can travel through different materials, therefore X-ray like images can be made with it. However, unlike X-ray, it does not harm human tissues. It is used in airport security, industrial quality assurance and in telecommunication. The developed technology generated significant industrial interest after the patent was submitted.